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In the Crowd
Professional Sound, DJ or Live Band


Yes, we have it all! If you are in need of professional sound system setup for you event or function - contact us!

We also have DJ services too! Wait, and a LIVE BAND? Yes, a live band that's ready to schedule their next gig for your important event.

Contact us for your free consultation and a complimentary demo CD to hear the wide range of music genre. You won't be disappointed.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

Mountain Lake Reflection
The Sky's the Limit


Whatever your dreams and aspirations of success are - bring them to us and lay them on the table. We love challenges and welcome the opportunity to help folks peel the proverbial onion per SE. 

You might be having spiritual issues and are feeling confused about your spirituality.

You want to have the options and possibilities set forth before you to start working towards your spiritual success. We have resources to help you. 

You might be in need of being delivered from addictions - we have options and possibilities.

It really doesn't matter - success is what we want to help folks achieve.

If you aren't getting the success you desire in life, then you need to contact Jacob's Ladder Solutions.

We are serious about helping people find the quality of life they deserve and YOU deserve it!

"We are here for you to hear you".

 Professional Sound, DJ or Live Band,  Career Ownership Coaching,  etc.
You tell us your need and we provide the solution.
"We are here for  you to hear you"
Contact us today!
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